Renovation of building facade – undertaking proactive measures to remove material delamination & DOFF® cleaning. Building surveyed to identify stone components that have become structurally unsound due to severe weathering.


Main Contractor:


Cardiff Council

Architectural Stone

Bath Stone (Oolitic Limestone)

Architectural Stone were contracted to restore the stone façade of Lansdowne Primary School, a Grade II listed building in Canton, Cardiff. The school was built in 1898 and served as a military hospital during World War One, before being badly damaged during the Second World War. It was originally restored at the end of the World War Two but has had issues with the exterior stonework for the past few years due to lack of maintenance.

The forward-facing exterior of the building has been worn down by weather damage, causing the top layers of stone to delaminate and crumble away. The west-facing pitched face limestone has been badly affected due to a wind trap in the courtyard of the school. This has left large gaps in the stonework and made the building unsafe for any persons stood beneath it. Much of the affected stone was structural, which could cause a large-scale safety hazard if continued to be left untreated.

Our team first went in to defrast the sandstone, which is the process of removing the loose materials that were crumbling away from the building. This is done by gently tapping the loose stone using wooden hammers and allowing it to safely fall away from the building. We then finished off the process with the DOFF® machine.

While the scaffolding was there, our team carried out a survey to look for defects in the structural limestone that made it unsafe. This is where we noted the gaps behind the stone that we adressed immediately. We installed new stonework right the way around the two buildings, providing restoration to the building exteriors that ensure the safety of all persons stood beneath the walls.