About Us

Based in Cardiff, Architectural Stone work throughout the UK, offering a comprehensive range of stonemasonry services.

Our Story

Architectural Stone specialises in the cleaning, restoration and conservation of an extensive range of stone products; supplying and servicing across the UK.

Sourcing a variety of natural stone from both British and international quarries, we produce and install a beautiful and wide range of architectural masonry and building materials.

A subsidiary of the MS-Group – an independent family business established in 1821 – Architectural Stone has been passed an extensive wealth of knowledge and skill, steeped in a history of stonemasonry dating over two hundred years.

In line with technological advancements seen within both industry and stonemasonry, we consistently adopt the use of modern techniques and masonry equipment, enabling us to meet both the traditional and modern design requirements of all our clients.

With well equipped stonemasonry workshops in Cardiff and using the latest computerised stone cutting and polishing machinery, our team of in-house designers, machinists and stonemasons can produce to your exact specifications, manufacturing a comprehensive range of natural stone products, including granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and slate.



Architectural Stone is a responsible, environmentally friendly company committed to upholding its social and environmental responsibilities.

We aim to provide quality products and services with minimal environmental impact and implement a policy of continual environmental improvement where we closely monitor and evaluate our processes and environmental aspects with a view to improving our efficiency, reduce transport, reduce waste streams and recycle wherever possible

All of the water used in the production process is filtered into a high capacity drainage system, this is then streamed into our water recycling plant which filters out the debris from the water, making it suitable to use again for production purposes.

Unlike man-made products, stone is a truly natural product simply taken from the ground and processed using low energy machinery into the products we use – building facades, architectural features, cladding, flooring, kitchen worktops and so much more.

There is no high energy transformation taking place in fuel-burning kilns that pump vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere as there is with the cement for making concrete, nor polluting chemicals to bind it all together as there is when resins are used. Nature has already done all the work of making the material in its plethora of truly unique and environmentally friendly forms.

There is ever increasing evidence showing how environmentally friendly stone can be. Historic Scotland published Embodied Carbon in Natural Building Stone,  which gives figures showing that the CO2 equivalent of stone is lower than any other major building material. The University of Bath found the same results, as published in their paper Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE),  the latest version of which was published last summer. Historic Scotland’s report The Embodied Carbon in Natural Building Stone can be downloaded from SISTech’s website. A PDF of the ICE report is available here.


Health & Safety

Architectural Stone is committed to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety.

As a SMAS accredited contractor, we consistently aim to improve health and safety standards, ensuring that we adhere to policies, systems and procedures which guarantee the welfare and safety of our entire workforce, business partners, and the general public as a whole.


Sourcing the correct stone type, colour and quality is an integral part to the success of any stonemasonry project. 

At Architectural Stone, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we consistently supply the optimal stone materials. We aim to provide our customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction, and we are committed to the use of quality materials and production methods.

In addition to this, we aim to deliver superior production, masonry design and project management – always striving for the highest customer satisfaction.

Work Force Development 

Without the correct workforce, the tools are rendered useless.

Architectural Stone have always placed great importance on having the right people with the required skills.

Committed to both the personal development and professional advancement of all our employees, we provide continuous staff development and training whilst always ensuring a positive working environment.

In addition to this, we aim to deliver superior production, masonry design and project management – always striving for the highest customer satisfaction.

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