Held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London on Friday 7th December, the biennial Natural Stone Awards Ceremony hosted by Jim Rosenthal, Loyd Grossman and BBC announcer Alan Dedicoat Architectural Stone won the coveted award for ‘Craftsmanship in a building’.

It was the first time Architectural Stone has entered the awards and the submissions was based upon outstanding craftsmanship shown in the construction of a private chapel one a exclusive estate in the Cotswolds.

Architectural Stone were commissioned to supply, produce and construct all the required stone work to this magnificent Private Chapel. Working closely with Architect Craig Hamilton, the structure was of traditional style and is fabricated with load-bearing masonry and solid natural stone walls.

Architectural Stone oversaw the expert production of all materials, utilising their modern masonry production-unit in Cardiff and combining the specialist craftsmanship of highly-skilled Banker Masons with state-of-the-art technical CNC machinery.

The completed construction incorporates three main selectively-sourced, natural limestones; Bath, Portland, and Kilkenny complimented with Statutory White Marble.

The external structure consists of a grand entrance way with ornate carvings decorating either side along with four load-bearing Diocletian windows to either flank of the chapel, adorned with a large projecting cornice. The rear of the chapel accommodates a natural stone curved structure to hold the dome lead roof and enclose the sanctuary.

Craig Hamilton from Craig Hamilton Architects confirmed that the Architectural Stone had completed the work on time and within budget.

“Architectural Stone produced outstanding work on the Chapel.  Although a small building, the design was complex and required considerable skill to achieve the necessary tolerances.  The stonemasons involved displayed admirable ability in realizing sophisticated masonry inside and outside of the chapel, where several different stones were used.”

“A consistently high standard was achieved in the general masonry as well as in the completion of the extensive carving and inlay work involved in the project.  I congratulate and thank all the masons involved and their recognition in this award is very well deserved.”

You can find out more about the project here