Architectural Stone has been awarded the Rosette for Stonehealth Approved Contractors for use of The DOFF System.
The DOFF is a unique steam system created and regulated by Stonehealth. Compared to other similar steamers, it is a gentle but powerful steam system that produces super heated water and steam (up to 150 degrees Celsius) removing paint, moss, biological matter and general dirt and grime without causing harm or shock to the substrate.
The use of this system prevents the need for any chemical biocides during the removal process, and it leaves behind no harmful residue. After being used, the debris is separated from the water and disposed of accordingly, while the water is absorbed back into the earth. It ensures that there is absolutely no surface damage, allowing it to be used on surfaces such as brick, stone, tiled and wood. The integrated Telescopic DOFF Pole allows otherwise inaccessible areas to be reached and cleaned as easily as any other area, without the need for any additional tools. 
This system allows us to easily and safely clean the facade of any stone monument without worry of any damage occurring during the process. 
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