We have recently started our phase of works for English Heritage’s reinterpretation scheme at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall.

The enigmatic Tintagel Castle is set half on the mainland and half on a jagged headland on the Cornish coast, due to centuries of erosion that have taken chunks of the land with it. The castle lies on both sides of a dangerous chasm, which has provided difficulties for our team. 

Part of this project requires our team to build stone plinths on an island situated just off the coast of the castle. Due to this challenging location, we had to consider alternative methods to transport all of the required materials. It was decided that the easiest way to move the stone would be through the use of a helicopter, as road transport would be too difficult. 

This manifested into multiple helicopter drops which carried our heavy bags of stone into various locations around the site, most importantly to the island. This has now enabled our masons to continue with the works with all of their materials to hand.

Check out our YouTube video below to see how it happened or take a look on our Projects page to see more images.